Top Sellerie has carefully selected all the upholstery materials for the restoration of your vehicles. Quality fabric, remanufactured close to the original fabric within the European Union. Leatherette and leather are all referenced by our suppliers and/or manufacturers with regular collections.

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Can I order samples?

Yes, you can order samples of fabrics, leather and leatherette to see for yourself the quality of the materials.

All samples are dispatched within 48 hours at a cost of €1.50 each.

What is leatherette?

Leatherette is a plastic product that imitates leather. It generally consists of fibers (mostly polyamide) encased in a resin, such as polyurethane. There is therefore no trace of animal fiber.

There are several qualities of leatherette. The most beautiful materials are sometimes even difficult to identify. The possible finishes are many and varied: leatherette crocodile, glossy, matt, etc.

How do I maintain leatherette?

Very easy to clean using neutral soap and a soft cloth with circular movements.