Custom upholstery

Restore your vehicle as you wish, thanks to Top Sellerie's styling kits, door panels, gear boot liners and rear parcel shelves. Install the covers you want in your vehicle. Enjoy exceptional quality thanks to our different ranges of leather, imitation leather and fabric. 

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Our Restoration Kits for Cars and Trucks

Replace a Headliner, Door Panel, Gear Gaiter Cover or Rear Trim with a Top Sellerie product.

At Top Sellerie, we offer a range of car and truck covers to suit all needs and budgets, whatever the brand of your vehicle. Today, car covers outperform other types of classic covers because of their many advantages. All leather parts are lined with 5mm foam to remove any imperfections from your original foams. The visible seams are reinforced with a sewn braid to avoid any tension on the seams. All top stitching is done with a special leather needle to create a saddle stitch. The thread used is large in diameter for good strength and an attractive appearance. This performance will increase the reliability and quality of your vehicle's restoration...

-Worried about replacing your original covers with new ones from Top Sellerie?

In our design office, we have developed simple covers that will fit perfectly on your seats. All the original fastenings are respected for most car models.

With our seat covers, you can enjoy all the benefits of restoration without having to visit a technician! Designed in the same way as the original, our upholstery is quick and easy to install, with no need to modify the original foams.

Our leather, leatherette and fabric covers have the same dimensions as the original covers. They are 100% compatible with the most popular and top-of-the-range vehicle models.

-How can Top Sellerie install my new covers?

Would you like to order new covers without having to install them? Top Sellerie can do this for you by offering an installation service. When you order, if the option is available for your product, you can add the assembly option. Top Sellerie will assemble the covers on your new foams and send you the set ready to be put in your vehicle. 

Door panel KIT : Quality close to the original without equal.

If you need to replace your door panels, our complete kits have been designed to offer the best in terms of product quality. The panels are made from isorel with a smooth surface (front) and a structured back. Rigid insulating wood panel, 230 kg density per cubic meter. With straight fields, it is reputed to be a sound insulator. Isorel is covered with 5 mm foam on top, to which is added the material chosen for the design, leather, imitation leather or fabric.

Gear boot lining kit: quality close to the original without equivalent.

You want to change your gear bellows. Top Sellerie offers you gaiters in leather or imitation leather, with or without embroidery, in one or more colors. Discover our range!

KIT for rear parcel shelf: Quality close to the original, without equivalent.

You want to replace your rear parcel shelf, Top Sellerie develops the plastic or isorel support, which will be covered with the covering of your choice.