Seat Covers

Top Sellerie offers you a wide range of covers for car seats and all the materials that cover them, not only the seats and/or bench seats, but also the interior panels, the dashboard and the steering wheel, and even the carpet when it has to match the rest of the interior decoration.

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What materials are used for the car covers?

We use full grain cowhide leather, leatherette with leather grain and fabric with the same designs as the original.

You can find samples of all our materials here!

What sewing thread is used?

For all fabric and faux leather headpieces, we use thread from Amann 1ʳᵉ, a global manufacturer.

For leather headpieces, we use a larger thread for aesthetic reasons with a leather needle.

What are the advantages of Top Sellerie covers?

All our covers are made as close as possible to the original ones, the reproduction is top-of-the-range, the seams, piping and double seams are reproduced identically.

You'll also find the foams made by Top Sellerie Auto to go with your new headliner!