Interior comfort

Over time, vehicle seat and backrest foams wear out. Replacing them with new Top Sellerie foams will give you all the comfort you need for long journeys. To best meet your needs, we offer original seat and backrest foams on our website. You can also choose to have heated seat covers for optimum comfort.

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How important are seats for interior comfort?

Seats are the most important element when we talk about car comfort, both for the driver and for the passengers. Having comfortable seats is essential for good road trips.

Whether it's a short distance to work or a long trip on holiday, comfort is essential to make your travels more enjoyable and avoid aches and pains on arrival. That's why it's so important to have good quality foam and seat covers.

Why choose Top Sellerie foam?

- We offer the comfort of high-quality new foam at an affordable price

- Our foams are made in our workshops by high-density PU (polyurethane) injection, with a shape very similar to the original.

- Easy to maintain, the upholstery can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

- At Top Sellerie, we put the quality of our products first.

What are the advantages of having a heating mat?

- When it's cold, you can warm up instantly

- For long distances, it helps to relieve lower back pain

- Relaxes your body, so you can enjoy your time away from home more.

What are the advantages of choosing Top Sellerie ?

- We also have seat covers that fit over your foam, click here.

- We have a seat assembly service at your disposal.

- A wide range of products for your car

- High quality products, at affordable prices made in Europe.