Restore your vehicle as you wish using Top Sellerie spare parts, original staples, pig-nose staples, special pliers, cans of glue, push bars of 1 cm and 5 mm foam, etc.

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Our Restoration Kits for Cars and Trucks

Replace a headlining, a door panel, a gear boot cover or a rear panel using Top Sellerie spare parts.

Restore your vehicle as you wish thanks to Top Sellerie spare parts, staples identical to the original Restagraf brand staples for Renault, Peugeot, Citroën door panels, etc.

You'll also find hog-nose staples with special pliers, cans of glue for gluing certain seat covers, retaining bars, 1 cm and 5 mm foam, etc.

How do I choose my staples?

You are missing staples on your door panel, Top Sellerie has them for you. You'll find them in the brand and model of your vehicle, with the exact dimensions. You can also find the door panels offered by Top Sellerie by clicking here. 

What type of clips do I need?

The type of staple will be indicated on the product page, depending on your purchase.

What is the purpose of pig-nose staples?

To fit Top Sellerie headgear, we sell hog-nose staples in strips of 60 pieces. The pieces are glued together for ease of use.

Find all Top Sellerie covers here.

Do I need to buy a pair of pliers to assemble the covers?

To assemble Top Sellerie covers, you need special pig-nose pliers. You can buy them on our website or borrow them against a deposit of 100 euros, to be specified when ordering the covers.

Why buy 1 cm and 5 mm foam?

When restoring your seats, if you are keeping the original foams that are worn out by age, we advise you to cover them with 1 cm foam before fitting the new Top Sellerie covers. This will give them a new lease of life without overstretching your budget.

If you want to replace your original foam completely, you can find all our products here.

When should I buy a can of glue?

The glue is used on certain covers for commercial vehicles, or to stick a covering back on door panels, etc. This glue is perfect, of very good quality, selected and approved by our technicians.